Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alex Bach - Blame God Instead

I first heard an Alex Bach song on a mix someone sent to me. I heard one song, liked it so much I had to buy her album. She really is very talented. Her lyrics are great, her songs are catchy...I have a hard time putting her a catagory though. I am not sure she knows what she wants to be sometimes, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Her songs cover a wide range of spectrums including angry rock-out, slow and folky and pop-rock/catchy as hell.

Regardless, her song "Worthless" has been one that has gotten played over and over for me. I think many ladies could feel the pull of such a song if you've ever felt used or unappreciated. Her song "Blame God Instead" was an internet exclusive, but I really love the lyrics. The love of your life breaks up with you and everyone tells you you didn't need them and to move on, and you think you wish they were dead because you could still have your faith in that person and that it'd be easier to hate God then to try to get over losing your faith in the one you held so dear. Her song "Anymore" is for that next stage of getting over someone where you say "ya know what, your loss". My favorite lyric is "You said you loved me more than I could ever love myself, and I had to prove you wrong". Priceless for anyone getting over someone. She writes some great break-up songs.
Great lyrics, good tunes, check her out.
  • Alex Bach - "Worthless"
  • Alex Bach - "Blame God Instead"
  • Alex Bach - "Anymore"
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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    The Pierces - New Material

    The Pierces, a sister duo, have added new songs to their MySpace account.

    They have 2 albums previously. The first, self-titled, is an out-and-out folk album that I quite enjoy. Their second, slightly more commercial (no one said it being commericial meant it had to do well) album "The Light of the Moon", was a beautifully made album that I couldn't find a track I didn't enjoy on.

    Their official website has not been updated in quite some time, but they are keeping active on MySpace and have recently added new tracks available for download.

    My first impression was that they were taking on the mod look as well as a distinctly more "not taking themselves too seriously" sound to ride the coattails of the success of bands such as The Pipettes. Regardless, I am enjoying the new tracks for what they are. The Pierces remain a very talented, and ridiculously attractive, band that I can't help but enjoy.

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  • The Pierces - "Boring"
  • The Pierces - "Lights On"
  • The Pierces - "Secret"
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    An Introduction

    Today it starts.
    I hope this to be the first day and first post of many and that this will be something I am able to continue and make worthwhile to read and come back to regularly.

    My name is Anne. I am 27 years old and currently, for at least another 7 months, living in Ohio and attending graduate school and attempting to get a masters degree in philosophy. I doubt I will use this degree at this point, but hey, I've put the time in, I want my degree.

    Music is something that makes me so happy. Finding the right music to fit a mood is like the perfect soundtrack to the movie of your life. It also makes us feel not so alone because we can find people seemingly feeling and dealing with the same things we are. I also enjoy submerging myself into new music and frequent other music blogs. But this is for me and the music that makes me feel something, so the music might not be hip, might not be cutting edge or new, but simply something I want to share. I am particularly interested in music with female vocals, this would be my niche, my specialty, what-have-you, but obviously not limited to only this. I particularly like indie and folk music best, and that is what these blogs are for, because these are the hardest to find and the ones valuable enough for people to search the depths of the internet for. And so...

    Here we go.