Friday, August 25, 2006

September Concerts

Who says no concerts ever come to Ohio?! Oh yeah, that was me. Okay, so apparently it is making up for itself next month. I am very excited to find out that not only is the university having Nickel Creek here on September 27th, with Tift Merritt opening, but the week before The Mountain Goats will be playing The Union Bar with Christine Fellows opening! It will be like an alt-country and alt-folk infusion and I cannot wait. I am so excited about The Mountain Goats, especially in such a small venue, it will be amazing I am sure.

I've felt like there's been quite a drought in concerts for me of late, though I suppose I've seen 2 since May which is reasonable. There was a time where I was going to at least one concert a month...oh yeah, back when I was in Pennsylvania, not this silly Ohio business. I kid, Ohio, you're alright. Keep the concerts coming.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife

On October 3rd The Decemberists will be releasing their 4th LP entitled "The Crane Wife". The Decemberists are a band I am thoroughly impressed by and one of those fairly rare bands that I have enjoyed almost everything I have heard by. They are so creative and not really like much else in their theatrical/academic/historical style.

I have heard a leaked copy of the new album and I can't say it is impressing me as I had hoped it would. That's not to say it is not an impressive piece of musical works, but just that much of it does not have the Decemberist charm I did so enjoy. But for the most part it's still classic Decemberists goodness. The new album is a theme album, of sorts, with all songs based on a Japanese folk tale and bookended by songs clocking in over 12 minutes each. There are a few gems and they are quite enjoyable, but in general I don't feel the draw and the catchiness of past Decemberists music is there quite as much, but I think my mind could be changed with a few more listens. Afterall, the detail is key.

I've included a few of my favorite tracks from the new album below, as well as some links to older tracks for your listening pleasure!

From The Crane Wife:
Other Decemberists songs (all left-click):

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