Friday, October 06, 2006

Trespassers William - new tracks

Perhaps one of my all time favorite bands, Trespassers William, one of those bands that I will buy any obscure compilation to obtain a track for, one I put a concert for on your "things to do before I die" list, has updated their MySpace page with two new tracks. The first was one recently featured on One Tree Hill last week entitled "Matching Weight" and another new track entitled "Safe Sound" which is also available for download for a few days.

Trespassers William is basically Anna-Lynne Williams band, she sings and plays guitar for this shoe-gazing, dreampop group. They started in California and have since moved their base to Seattle. It really is for the best as the best shoe-gazer dream pop is designed for those gray days. Her voice is dreamy and reminiscent of Mazzy Star, but the lyrics are what hold it above, as it starts as poetry and then is given music. Beautifully delicate, intimate and prolific music about life and love. Gorgeous, but in a sad and dreamy kind of way. And I am a sucker for music with an echo affect, and they work it. There are nights where they are all I can bear to listen to, so adding a few more tracks to the arsenal is always nice. Love, love, love them.

(I'm not sure how well MySpace links work from other sites, if this doesn't work I recommend just visiting their MySpace page linked above)

And an amazing track from their second album "Different Stars":

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