Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free Music Alert: Rasputina!

I just happened upon a great find on tonight. I was checking prices for Rasputina's latest album and noticed that there was a download that's price was listed as $0.00. I clicked to see if this was correct, and lo and behold it was!

The song is a single from their latest album "Sister Kinderhook" entitled "Holocaust of Giants" and if this song says anything about the rest of the album, I am pretty stoked to hear it!

Rasputina, in case you're unfamiliar with them, is the brainchild of Melora Creager, a Brooklyn-based cellist that wears corsets and Victorian garb and makes rock music with cellos and drums alone. The lyrics are often historical and/or tongue-in-cheek and always enjoyable. Getting a preview of the album for free (and legal!) is quite the treat.

You can find the free download HERE.

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