Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lily Allen on iTunes

The iTunes free single of the week is Lily Allen's "Smile"...

It's awesome that such an amazing song is being made available free and legal from such a big source. She's the next big thing...or should be. I recommend her song "Knock 'Em Out" as well if you get the chance, it's so good. She's catchy, poppy, has an ever-so-slight urban feel at times, very original and totally fun. She's what I wish was getting the airplay my once-beloved Nelly Furtado is getting now. Check it out.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Naysayer

The Naysayer is Anna Padgett. It had originally started as a two-woman team of singer-songwriting and guitar goodness but it has now become soley Anna's domain. I learned about her when searching for information about Mascott. I ended up owning 2 of The Naysayer's albums before any of Mascott's, Anna just pulled me in. I was drawn in by a song of hers called "On Fire" from her album "Kitten Time"...which, I highly recommend. As you can imagine by the album title Anna has a sense of humor and writes songs about things that might be deemed silly, but she pulls it off in a classy way. Her music is light hearted folk music with the occasional country/western kick. She's originally from Texas/Louisiana, so this comes naturally for her. She's able to balance that light-heartedness with good ol' fashion skills and creates some undeniably enjoyable music.

The Naysayer has recently released a new album called "Smoke Reality" and the title track is available on her record label website, so I am sharing it here. It has a less silly nature, but still all the charm.

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