Monday, November 06, 2006

The Naysayer

The Naysayer is Anna Padgett. It had originally started as a two-woman team of singer-songwriting and guitar goodness but it has now become soley Anna's domain. I learned about her when searching for information about Mascott. I ended up owning 2 of The Naysayer's albums before any of Mascott's, Anna just pulled me in. I was drawn in by a song of hers called "On Fire" from her album "Kitten Time"...which, I highly recommend. As you can imagine by the album title Anna has a sense of humor and writes songs about things that might be deemed silly, but she pulls it off in a classy way. Her music is light hearted folk music with the occasional country/western kick. She's originally from Texas/Louisiana, so this comes naturally for her. She's able to balance that light-heartedness with good ol' fashion skills and creates some undeniably enjoyable music.

The Naysayer has recently released a new album called "Smoke Reality" and the title track is available on her record label website, so I am sharing it here. It has a less silly nature, but still all the charm.

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