Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sleeping at Last

My file sharing site is hating me...I've been trying to post for the last 2 days and it is just not having it. Oh well. So instead I am doing something else entirely...

On my weekly blog stroll this afternoon I discovered something my ears are liking quite a lot. The fact that one of their songs was featured on this past week's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy is only more appealing. The band is called Sleeping At Last, which, right there, I love. Sleep is glorious and does not come as easily to most as we wish it did. They're a young band out of Chicago, with a fairly new record out (I believe it came out this past summer) entitled "Keep No Score" and supposedly have Christian influences, but you can't tell by listening to them. I've loved everything I've heard from it so far. It's like a less pretentious Radiohead sound, that's the best I can do to explain it, forgive me.

As my file sharing is not letting me post files I will share links to where I found said songs at these wonderful blogs. So give credit where credit is due.

From Come Pick Me Up:
From Music For Kids Who Don't Read Good:


Anonymous Joe Paxton said...

a less pretentious Radiohead sound

I couldn't have put it better myself. I hate pretentious lyrics. I think that sort of thing is maily a result of instances in which the songwriter (read: Thom Yorke) is trying to sound smarter or deeper than he or she actually is.

My only problem with Sleeping at Last so is that they're a little too prone to ballads. But some would say that's no real weakness. It's really the only thing that is keeping me from giving them money for their music, at this point. But perhaps they'll grow on me and get my money after all. We'll see.

Thanks for the review. No matter how brief, your reviews always find a way to be informative and insightful.


12:41 AM  
Anonymous FuR said...

heyyy! those are my friends. They are really great guys... that's the new disc, which i actually haven't heard yet, thanks for the heads up. :)


1:51 AM  

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