Thursday, September 14, 2006


In the late 1990's there was a small British band called theaudience...and yes, no space and no caps. I don't even remember what made me interested in this band. I think I read about them somewhere and then I was at a Best Buy and saw an EP of theirs and was so impressed that they had it because it was somewhat obscure that I had to get it despite having not heard a lick of their stuff.

I was pleased with my purchase though. As far as I know, the "I've Got the Wherewithal" EP I found is the only one that was ever released in the U.S. It had five songs, basically no liner notes, and I really never knew anything about the band. That is, until later. I was watching television once and they mentioned some dance song climbing the charts and showed the girl who sang it and I thought "she looks very familiar" and then I thought "that's the girl from theaudience!' as she is on the cover of said EP I had bought years before. So theaudience is fronted by one Sophie Ellis-Baxter who has since then had some chart hits and I've known people who've liked her music.

Yesterday I attended a local performance of Grease and came home with the songs in my head. I have the soundtrack from the movie, but I am not near my CDs at the moment so I was out of luck. Then I remembered that on that theaudience EP there was a nice rendition of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" and listened to that, thus...I decided to share theaudience with you folks.

Here is the Grease cover as well as my favorite track from the EP:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just discovered this blog the other night. So much great stuff Emm, Tegan + Sara, Trespassers William, theaudience! I didn't even realize there was another human in the US who'd heard of them. Anyway, nice stuff. I have the full-length of theaudience, which is much better than the ep imo. if you're interested in a copy, drop me an email-

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Derek said...

I just came to your sight while trying to find some info on the theaudience. I discovered them in a write-up on They called them the "best band you have never heard of". Sounds like you feel similarly. Here is the story link:

BTW.. I like your blog. Very entertaining. Keep it up!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a huge fan of theaudience and am also fortunate enough to live in the uk meaning if got all their material they really were a wonderful band but sophie has made a better name for herself since leaving and as such has created music masterpieces

8:15 AM  

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