Thursday, September 14, 2006


In the late 1990's there was a small British band called theaudience...and yes, no space and no caps. I don't even remember what made me interested in this band. I think I read about them somewhere and then I was at a Best Buy and saw an EP of theirs and was so impressed that they had it because it was somewhat obscure that I had to get it despite having not heard a lick of their stuff.

I was pleased with my purchase though. As far as I know, the "I've Got the Wherewithal" EP I found is the only one that was ever released in the U.S. It had five songs, basically no liner notes, and I really never knew anything about the band. That is, until later. I was watching television once and they mentioned some dance song climbing the charts and showed the girl who sang it and I thought "she looks very familiar" and then I thought "that's the girl from theaudience!' as she is on the cover of said EP I had bought years before. So theaudience is fronted by one Sophie Ellis-Baxter who has since then had some chart hits and I've known people who've liked her music.

Yesterday I attended a local performance of Grease and came home with the songs in my head. I have the soundtrack from the movie, but I am not near my CDs at the moment so I was out of luck. Then I remembered that on that theaudience EP there was a nice rendition of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" and listened to that, thus...I decided to share theaudience with you folks.

Here is the Grease cover as well as my favorite track from the EP:

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pony Up!

Recently I've discovered that the video for a particular song I like is as fun and interesting as the song itself and I couldn't be more excited.

Pony Up! Is an all-girl Canadian band who've recently (May) released their second full length album entitled "Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes". The single from the new record is supurb though it actually took me some time to get into it. I first heard it, thought it was okay and moved on and then found myself driving along one day when it came on my iPod and just loving it and now I can't get enough of it.

The video is fun because of the animation, very original and fun to watch. They managed to take the theme from the title of the song , despite it being morbid, and make a fun little video. for a fun little song. I assure you the title of the song has little, if any, relation to the content of the song. My favorite part of the video is the band dancing near the end of the video though, it just looks very fun. Who said death had to be a drag?

I've heard numerous other songs by the band but I can't say any have hit me as catchy and wonderful as this one, all the same, they're worth checking out...but for now, enjoy "The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)".

Download the song:
Pony Up! - "The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)"

Watch the video:

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