Thursday, September 07, 2006

a Low note.

You know, some nights you hit "random play" and then something comes on and it hits you like "this is exactly what I need tonight"?

Last night Low hit me. Some good slowcore indie rock with stellar lyrics featuring male and female dual vocals. They do it brilliantly.
I vote yes.

"Monkey" is what grabbed me tonight. It's slow and just sinister enough to be perfect for my mood, but the rest all fell in line behind it. I need more Low in my life.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Caroline (Lufkin)

Caroline's album "Murmurs" has been my latest music purchase. It came out earlier this year, so this isn't news, but I strolled downtown to the one independent music store the town has (and the only place to buy music in town other than Wal-Mart...and I am telling you right now to "Just Say No" to that!) and happened to see this CD in the used bin. I had heard two tracks from it and was impressed so I went ahead and got it.

Japanese-American artist and Berklee School of Music graduate, Caroline does electronica, but she's not Goldfrapp electronica, she's more like mellow Frou Frou. It's dreamy electronica for the big synthesizer in the sky. Her voice is more like if Kahimi Karie was covering Bjork. I quite enjoy it. It is non-obtrusive and artistically sound.

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