Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Pierces - New Material

The Pierces, a sister duo, have added new songs to their MySpace account.

They have 2 albums previously. The first, self-titled, is an out-and-out folk album that I quite enjoy. Their second, slightly more commercial (no one said it being commericial meant it had to do well) album "The Light of the Moon", was a beautifully made album that I couldn't find a track I didn't enjoy on.

Their official website has not been updated in quite some time, but they are keeping active on MySpace and have recently added new tracks available for download.

My first impression was that they were taking on the mod look as well as a distinctly more "not taking themselves too seriously" sound to ride the coattails of the success of bands such as The Pipettes. Regardless, I am enjoying the new tracks for what they are. The Pierces remain a very talented, and ridiculously attractive, band that I can't help but enjoy.

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  • The Pierces - "Boring"
  • The Pierces - "Lights On"
  • The Pierces - "Secret"
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    I loved these songs!!!

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