Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fan Death

Two and a half months it's taken me to Frankly, there's been music I've loved, but without appropriate links and enough time and motivation, I won't go out of my way, and that's been the problem.

But then, last night I got in one of my "need to discover new music ASAP" moods and started going around to some sites I frequent, but forgetting the URL to one, I did a googling and instead found another site which led me to spend a good 2 hours on it and find a full desktop worth of new free discoveries and it felt like Christmas.

Among the best of last nights discoveries was a band consisting of two gorgeous ladies, which, of course got me interested right away since I'm a sucker for female vocalists. But as I read the description I knew I had to hear them. They were described as "Abba gone goth" and being a long time, and only somewhat ashamed Abba fan, I had to hear them. To my only mild surprise, I really enjoyed them. I looked for more by them, along with more information to find that they're quite new on the music scene and have not released a full album yet. But there's still music out there to be had by them, and I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from them in the indie music scene within the next year.

The band is called Fan Death, after a Korean superstition that electric fans, if left on overnight, cause death. To me, they remind me of a female-fronted New Order, and have the dark synth aesthetic of 80s bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Love & Rockets, but at the same time, the Abba disco feel is not at all lost.

To top off this new found love for this band, I watched the official video they had made for one of their songs and it sealed the deal. The video for their song "Reunited" features the lead in the band, Miss Dandilion Opaine, in a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz-esque outfit, lost in the country and finding her favorite musical icons in the process. It is fun to see how they portray each one and who she has chosen as the people to be featured in the video. Some are obvious to me, others I had to read the comments to figure out, but either way, very fun, and glad to see a dark synthy disco band that's obviously not taking themselves too serious. Fantastic!

You can get a free download of their song "Reunited" by signing up for their mailing list HERE.

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