Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miwa Gemini

Recently I've really been enjoying the music of Miwa Gemini. She is New York-based singer-songwriter that is classically-trained in piano, but her new found loves are the guitar, banjo and mandolin.

I was sitting here trying to think of who to compare her to or how to explain her style, and the first thing that came to mind was to say that she's the sinister side of bluegrass. Is that even possible? Saying she is sinister is probably misleading, as there's nothing menacing about her music, but there is definitely a quality that feels a bit darker, richer and edgier than the typical finger-pickin', toe-tappin' of other bluegrass and folk music. But perhaps even saying she is bluegrass is misleading considering some songs, like "Crazy Over You", sound strictly indie folk-rock. Either way, she's good and there's a quality about her music that feels smooth, seductive, and playful at the same time.

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