Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello Saferide

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so what better time to talk about artist Hello Saferide since she/they has a wonderful song dedicated to the holiday of hearts.

Hello Saferide is a Swedish band fronted by singer-songwriter Annika Norlin. She works as a music journalist in her home country, as well as having won awards for her music there. I would describe Hello Saferide's music as light-hearted pop-folk, if there is such a thing. But the lyrics are sweet and matter-of-fact but at the same time smile or even chuckle-worthy. Definitely music that is fun to listen to and sing along with.

Their music is not available on the American version of iTunes, but their albums can be purchased on American (Amazon) or international sites if you're willing to pay the import price. It's definitely music worth the price, or at least a listen.

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