Thursday, July 05, 2007

John Cusack <3 Regina Spektor

John Cusack mentions Regina Spektor, not once, but TWICE in his iTunes celebrity playlist, which is being featured this week. Speaking of her song "Ghost of Corporate Future", he says...

"In my humble opinion, Regina should be played on loud speakers everywhere in a major city..."

Then in a description of Neil Diamond's "Cracklin' Rose" he name drops her song "Chemo Limo". Very nice indeed, John. Like we needed any more reason to love you.

This isn't either of those songs, but it's from the same album (Soviet Kitsch) and it got me to love her, visit her website linked above to hear clips from John's favorites...
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Monday, July 02, 2007


Goodness, is it July already?

Luckily for me July happens to be one of the most prevalent months to have songs about it in my I thought I'd share a few (via SendSpace) with you.

(remember to follow link and not direct download for these)

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