Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aimee Allen

Year's ago on The WB they premiered a new show called Birds of Prey, which was the story of Batman and Catwoman's long lost daughter and her female super-hero companions. The show was interesting, but not a hit. What was outstanding and caught my notice about the show was the title music. So much so that it got me on Google trying to figure out who it was.

The answer was Aimee Allen. At the time she was in the studio finishing up her first album on a major label and was set to become a major star (if you ask me), but alas, as many major talents go in the major label arena, her project was sidelined and eventually shelved and she became yet another musical footnote. Of course, like myself this made all the other people who had googled the title music (her song "I'd Start a Revolution" was the music in question) were very disappointed that they'd never own her album "Revolution". But, the miracle of the internet was upon us and the album was near done and had already been sent out in promo copies, so all the songs were out there to be had. These songs were unabashedly good. She was the new Joan Jett, and had the haircut for it. She was punk rock, but pop, hot as hell, and I think she'd have made a huge splash.

Since then Aimee met up with (and has since fallen madly in love with) fellow musician Scott Russo. They have produced an album together under the (un)creative moniker Scott and Aimee called "Sitting in a Tree" which, if you ask me, is way too lovey dovey for a girl whose selling point was her punk rock attitude. The music I have heard from their work has been unimpressive to me other than a few songs she wrote during the Revolution era. Nonetheless, Aimee Allen has a very unique powerful punk rock voice and her music has just the right combination of punk rock and pop music to make me wanna jam to it all day long.

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