Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Edie - Realities

Edie (Edith Pjipers) is a Dutch musician now living in the U.S. that I came across randomly on the internet a few years ago. The first song I heard by her was "Crave" and I was instantly enthralled. Her voice was very powerful and sensual and quite unique to a lot of singer-wongwriter types. Perhaps this is a Dutch thing, as the strength of her vocals does remind me of popular Dutch singer Anouk (also highly recommended). But unlike Anouk, Edie can tone herself down and show a softer side in some really beautiful ballads. Her talents are best when she rocks out, and it does seem that she has broken away from that style since her first album, unfortunately. But she's still quite a talent.

Edie has recently released her 3rd album entitled "Realities" and it is now available on iTunes and CDBaby. If you dig singer-songwriters and the power of Anouk, I would definitely check her out.

And here is the video for the song Crave.
Her image has changed quite a lot since her first album, and the video leaves something to be desired, but the song is so good if you can get over the video.

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