Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Doll Posse

According to Rolling Stone, among other sources, Tori Amos has announced the release of her upcoming 9th studio album, entitled American Doll Posse, on May 1st of this year, with a tour to follow.

Now for some commentary:
As soon as news like this is announced Tori fans go nuts. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it "American Doll" and "Doll Posse" were already registered IM names and journal names and e-mail names...you get the idea. The title usually means a lot. Unfortunately, when I hear the name the first thing I think of is American Girl dolls. I had one when I was growing up, and Tori has a young daughter now and I wouldn't doubt that she is interested in the book series and the dolls to go along with them as well. So, did Tori take the name from one of her daughter's toys? Perhaps a play on words...we can imagine the American doll...the girls talked about in David Lee Roth's "California Girls", perhaps. Perhaps this is a bit of a flash back to Tori's "Cornflake Girl" era and talking of women's cruelty to one another. Collagen enhanced bottle blondes fighting over the richest man on the block? I am sure once she starts doing interviews we'll get at least some insight into the title and its purpose.

Another thing...as you can see by the promotional photo being released with the news (the one shown here), she has a bit of a new look. She's sporting bangs now. I sort of dig it, actually, though it makes her look very sprite-ish. But I have to wonder if that photo shoot was her idea as it seems very over the top for me. It is taking too much symbolism, too much of Tori's dogma and throwing it into one image. The glittery dress of the drama/fashion queen she loves, the Bible in her right hand and "shame" written on her left hand....and most disturbingly, but in Tori fashion, the blood running down the inside of her leg, the left leg, the same side shame is written on. All this while standing in front of a pristine, if not sterile, looking suburban house. There is something that is a mix of "preacher's wife" and Desperate Housewives in this picture, and perhaps this is also where the American Doll Posse comes in. So much going on, I think even one or two of those things together could have made the photo, but it's a bit much.

All in all, I am very excited for the new album and after her last studio album (The Beekeeper) disappointed most of her fans, I think she's ready for a comeback. If the photo does anything, it shows that she's got her edge back and is ready to lay down some smack, and I can't wait.

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