Thursday, January 11, 2007

Children Running Through

The good folks over at Stereogum have gotten their hands on a promo of Patty Griffin's upcoming album "Children Running Through" and are sharing a track with us, check it out here.

For those of you unfamiliar with Patty, let me just say that she is one of my favorite artists and never disappoints me. She is such a living legend except that people don't seem to know about her as much as they should. Within the right circles she certainly gets her dues though. As the above Stereogum entry says, she is covered by many people...though they left out The Dixie Chicks who covered her song "Let Him Fly" for their album "Fly", probably named after said song. She toured with them as an opener and I remember reading how honored they were just to be working with her, and she was their opener...silly really. One of the times I got to see her live she was opening for Emmylou Harris. It was the only time I had ever seen an opening act get both a standing ovation and an encore call...she's so great. She has a very rich and strong voice and writes songs with such character and heart, they really are of the ilk that will be remembered, or should be, for generations. But, with albums like "Flaming Red" we see that the lady can share her wisdom while rockin' out just as well. I can't get enough of her.

"Children Running Through" comes out on February 6th. Mine's already pre-ordered.

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