Thursday, August 03, 2006

The 3rd is a Thursday.

Story of discovery: In my last 2 years of college I had a radio show on the college station. About once a semester all the radio staff were allowed to "have at" the free box of promo CDs and posters they left out in the office. One semester I went in there and there wasn't much left but I found a Cd I had remembered being mentioned in a magazine as good and the cover was interesting to me. Since it was free I grabbed it up. I took it home and listened to it and was so amazed at how good this free CD was, what a find!

Lullaby Baxter Trio only ever released the one CD. They (okay it was mostly the one woman who went by "Lullaby Baxter" though her real name is Angelina Lapaulo)were signed to a major label (Atlantic) which was the first problem, and seemed to fall off the map before they even made it to the continent. This album is so interesting and original...and enjoyable that I am very surprised we never heard more about it and now it can be found in bargain bins and Amazon for less than a dollar, a real shame, but lucky for all of us who know a good thing when we find it. She has a very interesting voice (not unlike Jolie Holland, except I think I prefer Lullaby's) and the music seems to fit nothing I can explain. It is indie rock/americana/alt-country/folk but has a definite hint of kid's music. The themes in the lyrics are very colorful and child like with a very playful song style. The album is quite impressive in it's uniqueness but being unique AND enjoyable, because sometimes things get so experimental they stop being enjoyable for me. So being catchy, fun AND different is definitely a gift.

On my flight back from California on Tuesday a song came on my iPod that I hadn't heard for a while and something clicked. Usually when I hear Lullaby Baxter Trio's "The Anyway Song" it is either not near the beginning of the month or the 3rd of the month is not a Thursday, but today is indeed Thursday the 3rd and line from this song says "Anyway, I think the 3rd's a Thursday" and I decided right then that Thursday there'd be an entry devoted to Lullaby Baxter Trio.

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Anonymous Joe Paxton said...

I really enjoyed "The Anyway Song," Anne. Thanks for the heads up on that. Have you ever thought of a career in music journalism (like, writing reviews of CDs and concerts)? You should try to get some of your reviews published. I particularly enjoy your little anecdotes about how you found out about the bands you write about. And your knowledge of indie music far outstrips probably 99.9999% of the US population. So you should give it a try, IMHO.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Thank you for your kind words, Joe! Yes, it would be a dream job for me, but I never feel quite qualified's mostly just a hobby for now, but who knows.

3:17 PM  

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