Monday, July 31, 2006

Cake Like - Comedy Rocks

Most people know Kerri Kenny as the girl from Mtv's The State, or more recently, from Reno 911. To me she will always be thought of for her band...Cake Like.

She and two friends started up this little rock band, they appeared on some summer festival tours I believe, and have 3 albums out. The first, "Delicious", was really only released in Japan as far as I know and is a noisy little punk rock album with songs about Abraham Lincoln, fruitcake and bum legs. As expected, there is often humor involved when a talented comedienne has a band, wouldn't we be a bit disappointed if it didn't? Their 2nd album, Bruiser Queen got some indie recognition in the states and was chock full of fun little pseudo-humorous songs about the Mexican guys they made-out with on their vacation, truck-stop hussies and firemen. On their third album they took a slightly more serious turn and did a straight out rock album with only minor humor added. Considering it's an actress/comedienne's band, I am very impressed with the quality of the music. Again, I liked them well before I realized who exactly Kerri Kenny was.

I got the chance to go to a concert of theirs in Philadelphia once but only could stay long enough to see the sound check. I did, however, get to meet the band and my mother made small talk with Kerri and they talked about her recipe for mashed potatoes...and this is one of those moments. I think bands when they are out on the road like having that instant homey feeling of having a mother around. Bringing my mom to rock concerts became such a novelty to the musicians I met that I have many a memory of them chatting with her, talking about recipes, apologizing for their profanity, etc. It's so rock 'n' roll.

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