Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vienna Teng - Dreaming Through The Noise

Vienna Teng will be welcoming the release of her third album, entitled "Dreaming Through the Noise", next Tuesday, July 25th.

Vienna was originally taking the "traditional" route and had gotten her bachelors degree from Stanford University in computer science and started working as a software engineer. She had been playing piano since she was 5 though, and soon realized that her career was not making her happy. She gave it all up and moved to the trendy end of San Fransisco and started playing in small clubs...the rest is history you might say.
Her first record , Waking Hour, is really beautiful and the lyrics are simply gorgeous. I happened upon her music when I bought an album from and they sent an mp3 sampler along with it. Her song "The Tower" was on there and I sort of forgot about the rest of the CD after that track, I was so impressed. Her second album, Warm Strangers, had a few stellar tracks on it, but lacked the end to end impressiveness of Waking Hour. I don't have my hopes too high for the new album as the sparsity of Waking Hour was part of its beauty and I think Warm Strangers was starting to show the direction she was heading. She has songs from the new album up on MySpace for you to try on for size.

Otherwise here are some tracks from previous albums that she has available for download on her site and linked here:
  • Vienna Teng - "The Tower" (from Waking Hour)
  • Vienna Teng - "Gravity" (from Waking Hour)
  • Vienna Teng - "Harbor" (from Warm Strangers)

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