Monday, June 11, 2007

Tegan and Sara: The Con

Canada's most talented (I'm assuming) twin lesbians, Tegan and Sara, will be releasing their latest album, "The Con", on July 24th. But their website says that the digital version will be available on iTunes later this month (they seem unsure whether it will be June 19th or the 26th). Of what I have heard of the new album I would say it is definitely quality material but I am not sure it is quite as uncommonly catchy and worthy of the "DAMN this is good!" comments as their last two albums were. But it's definitely on my list to get this summer, and if almost all the American dates weren't already sold out, so would be seeing them in concert again.

For now, you can listen to tracks from the new album at their MySpace page and check out a few tracks of some of their previous work below.

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Blogger Mark said...

Actually, if you caught the leak, you'd hear that it's pretty great. I love it.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Good call, Anne. I've been a fan since you made me those mix CDs, on which you included their mildly disturbing yet very catchy song, Living Room. I recently read a very entertaining interview on (of all places) with Tegan & Sara. Here's the link:

And a choice quote, wherein Sara outlines the differences between her own duo and the faux lesbian Russian pop band t.A.T.u.:

"There's some pretty distinct differences," Sara said directly. "A, we don't make out with each other, b, we write our own songs, c, we don't have a really expensive record deal, d, we don't make out with each other."

12:41 PM  

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