Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hem- New EP

Hem has garnered some recent exposure from some of their music being used in Liberty Mutual commercials, you know the ones where they show people doing "the right thing" for other people, and then that person does the right thing for someone else and so on and so on? They're beautiful commercials, and Hem is a great fit considering it's beautiful, calming and has an amazing human quality since it often sounds like a mixture of folk, Americana and lullabies.

Since they've gotten more attention lately, especially for their track "Half Acre", which appeared in one of the commercials, they have decided to release an EP of some new material between full-length albums. The new EP "Home Again, Home Again" contains 5 new tracks as well as a re-recorded version of "Half Acre" and will be available on iTunes on June 5th and a limited number of print copies will become available after that.

Samples from "Home Again, Home Again" can be heard here. And here is a listen to another of their songs to get a feel for them.

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