Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nina Gordon - Even the Sunbeams

Nina Gordon has released a free downloadable EP of a few songs from her unreleased album "Even the Sunbeams" that was the predecessor of her latest album "Bleeding Heart Graffiti". This EP features a few of the songs from Even the Sunbeams as well as a few demo versions of songs from Bleeding Heart Graffiti and some that are drastically changed from that album.

All in all it is a more acoustic, stripped-down album. Considering her more recent work has been been more gentle than her rock 'n' roll backround (she was in the 90's band Veruca Salt, in case you forgot), I actually think the acoustic qualities lend themselves well to the quality of the music instead of the light FM sound that Bleeding Heart Graffiti sometimes slipped into. It's definitely worth checking it...especially since it's free!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank Thank Thank Thank you for posting Lighter on the Moon. I've been looking for this song all over the place! It's one of my favorites and Now I've Found It!

6:30 PM  

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