Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Playin' real good for free...

My boyfriend sent me a link to this story today and my first thought was "Wow, whose ever idea this was is probably a Joni Mitchell fan"...why? If you've ever heard her 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon, featuring her famous song "Big Yellow Taxi" then you know that track 2 is about street musicians and how we pass them by so easily. She sings...

Nobody stopped to hear him
Though he played so sweet and high
They knew he had never
Been on their T.V.
So they passed his music by

Of course, she is speaking of a clarinet player, and is also referring to someone who has probably never had fame or ever will, but the above article is about a "stunt" performed in a subway station by one of the world's most talented classical violinist's, Joshua Bell, playing the world's most expensive violin. He is a musician that sells out concert halls of $100+ tickets, and yet when he played in a subway station no one gave him the time of day. The same music, the same person, the same great talent, but without the price and the place, no one made notice. Of course, I probably would have done the same since they did it at the morning commute time. You gotta pay the bills, beautiful music or not, unfortunately.

Still, I appreciate the article for its sentiments and for being an intelligent and interesting read, and I appreciate it for making me give this wonderful song another listen.
  • Joni Mitchell - "For Free" ( YouSendit link )

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