Friday, February 09, 2007

Maria Taylor

One of my favorite bands is Azure Ray. It is composed of two women, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor. Both ladies have recently set off on their own to work on solo records, but I will admit that Maria has always been my favorite half of the Azure Ray team and my preference held true for me for their solo efforts as well.

Maria's first solo record "11:11" was beautiful and was very much in the same vein as Azure Ray but with a perhaps less somber air about it. Maria has recently announced a new solo album is to be released in March, on my birthday no less! Her new record is to be called "Lynn Teeter Flower" after a childhood friend of hers. They are offering that all pre-orders of the new album made through the record label, Saddle Creek, will be shipped out a full two weeks before the actual release date. I am eagerly awaiting it as the available tracks from the album are all classic Maria quality. I am excited.

For anyone unfamiliar with Azure Ray and Maria and what to expect, they are somber, what some might call "slow-core" music. A very soothing voice over moody and ethereal music. The lyrics are the selling point for me, though. They have some beautiful crafted stories and feelings within their songs that seem to get at something deeper than just the same ol' love songs, even if the song IS a love song. They often leave me feeling haunted and connected to something bigger than this world. I can't say enough about them really.

Check out some of Maria Taylor's solo tracks:

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