Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jill Sobule does Christmas

Jill Sobule is probably best known for being "that chick who sung that "I kissed a girl" song that had the video with Fabio in it"....and indeed, she is that girl. Or some know her as the girl who sang the Supermodel song for the movie "Clueless". For me, it all started when I saw her on the village stage at Lilith Fair in 1997. A few months later I bought one of her albums.

She does lots of light-hearted and somewhat sarcastic songs about strange things, but also has a ton of songs about heavy issues like politics and anorexia, but she sings about them in such a way that you can smirk as you hear about them. Another serious issue to take on? Christmas. Jill does great work doing songs about Christmas and I think they're a hoot. Here are two she is being generous enough to share with the public via her website.

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