Saturday, December 02, 2006

Songs: Ohia

Some of what Jason Molina sings seems to give off the air of having been stricken with the worst sort of sadness, even some of his more upbeat songs still feature a bit of a pain in his voice, if you ask me. But there are three Songs: Ohia songs in particular that I am drawn in by. These three songs seem to me (and perhaps only to me)to depict a feeling and state of mind that leaves me awestruck. His songs "Tigress", "Lioness" and "How To Be Perfect Men" all give off this same vibe to me. The sadness and powerless feeling his voice often portrays in his saddest songs is now looking towards the woman and asking for mercy. They seem to be sung by a man who feels so powerless and impotent in the face of the more powerful part of the species. A man ready to be ripped limb to limb by the object of his affection, and never a moment of dislike for her, it is almost a sense of admiration along with fear. He knows her plan, and has entered it knowing full well that it will mean his demise. Simply put, he seems to be willing to do anything, even let her destroy him, just to make her happy.

These songs fascinate me because though his depiction of women is a rather evil and unpleasant one, he is also showing a respect for them. That is not even to mention the songs beautiful and haunting qualities, but alas just the rawness and the vulnerability laid out in them is something uncommon.

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Blogger Wayne said...

nice piece on jason, i saw him a couple of weeks ago in sydney, he was great, very pure emotions

4:22 AM  

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