Sunday, November 26, 2006

Angie Hart

Sometimes you fall back on old favorites. Today I am finding great pleasure in a late 90's favorite, Frente! For a mostly acoustic band they are able to pull off some amazing sounds with great lyrics. I'm always impressed.

Angie Hart, lead singer for Frente!, has moved on to some other projects, including her band Splendid. I have Splendid's album, and though it is enjoyable enough, is no Frente! Strangely, I hadn't thought much about Frente! or what they were up to until I was at a friend's house 4 or 5 years ago watching some episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer she had taped and heard the unmistakably Angie Hart voice and looked at the screen to see Angie Hart backed by people who weren't Frente singing at Buffy's hangout "The Bronze" (in season 2's "I Only Have Eyes For You" episode for you Buffy geeks out there). That is how I found out about Splendid, by hearing the song "Charge" featured at the beginning of the episode. "Charge" made it to the soundtrack as well. It is one of Splendid's song, but the Buffy version is a different version, one I prefer over the album version. She has also uploaded a solo song called "Blue" to her website that is a beautiful ballad. Check it out.


Anonymous Mister Nihiser said...

Wonderful subject, that Angie Hart is. Is it you or I that have blesssed me with her work with the band 60 Channels?

She gets around. Like doing backup for the Abandoned Pools on their first album... totally *bitchin'*.

-Signed, Mister Keeps-Spinnin' Nihiser

6:17 AM  

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