Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Arrogants

Who would have thought one of those bands who sent out a MySpace friend request might actually pull through as a great discovery? I was in my car this afternoon and a song by The Arrogants came on ye ol' iPod and I had to crank up the volume a bit and smile. I knew right then they deserved an entry here.

The Arrogants
is what some would call a "dreampop" band based out of California. They are fronted by Jana Heller, who notes The Sundays, Red House Painters, Low and The Innocence Mission among her favorite bands and the influence is undeniable. A sweet and clear voice, well-written, articulate and optimistic lyrics...they're a pleasure to listen to.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite:
the arrogants - antony and cleopatra

4:26 AM  

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