Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sera Cahoone

This past week I found a used copy of Sera Cahoone's latest album "Only As The Day Is Long" and decided to get it since I had liked what I had heard so far.

The album is solid and pleasant, but not something you're going to hear many people getting fanatic over. All the same, if you're into her type of music, it's definitely worth a listen. Sera was the drummer of the now defunt band Carissa's Wierd, and now is making indie folk/country reminiscent of Kathleen Edwards.

  • Only As The Day Is Long
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    Blogger Matt said...

    I followed from the Star Maker over to here... I think I'm going to like what you are posting up here (it looks like stuff I'd other-wise not get exposed to), from what I've quick-glanced.

    I'm always exhilerated finding new sources of inspirations...

    Your pal in music,


    2:17 AM  

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