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Paste Magazine is a great resource for new music like the sort I post here, in case you hadn't heard of it before. It's by far my favorite magazine and it has once again proven to me why, by bringing the band KaiserCartel to my attention.

KaiserCartel is a Brooklyn-based folk-rock duo consisting of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel, thus the name. I know very little about them other than that since I only just today heard of them on the most recent Paste sampler. What I can tell you is that they make beautiful male/female dual vocal folk music that makes me smile and want to hear more.

The magazine shows the track "Okay" being from their new album entitled "March Forth", but it does not appear to be released as of yet. So until then we can enjoy tracks from their EPs "Okay (And Other Things We Feel)" available on iTunes and at Amazon, and the tracks they've made available from their "Double Standard" EP via their website.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne! "Okay" is in fact from the forthcoming album, March Forth that will be released on June 10th. It was produced by Matt Hales (aka aqualung) and mixed by Matt & Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros). Paste however didn't fact check (bad magazine). The reason it's on their sampler is because it's on the Okay...and other things we feel EP that you mentioned that's out now (digitally everywhere, physically at shows). Three of the other songs on the EP are un-available anywhere else. Another is a live version of a song that will be on the album. There's also a charming video for "Okay" that people can check out on youtube or on the bands' sites. It comes with the physical version of the EP and is available digitally too. The EP is a very limited edition thing in the physical world. Was really made for College radio (as an educational/awareness tool). It'll be released on vinyl in October. A few copies will be made available to indie retail in May. The duo are full time elementary school teachers at the moment. Once this school year ends, they'll become full time musicians. They'll be touring nationally then. Thanks for your support!

7:03 AM  
Blogger getupmom said...

KC played with Margot & the Nukes at the Bottom Lounge on a November evening in Chicago. Fantastic engagement with the audience. Loved them!

12:10 AM  

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