Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Good Natured

I've been in an electropop craze for a while now, a few months...and with good reason. There's a ton of new electronic acts out there these days, it's the "it" genre, if that's possible. If you had told me I'd have been into electronic 10, even 5, years ago I'd have shuddered, but things are different now. When I thought "electronic" years ago it was the bleep bloop stuff, either dark and with haunting vocals, or none at all, or it was angry and urgent German dance floor music...either way, no thanks!

These days there's a lot more rock and dance type electronic leanings, and a definite revival of the 80's New Wave synth appreciation. I'm all for that, at least in general. One such artist is Britain's The Good Natured. This lady, Sarah McIntosh is basically the whole band, though she has people who play with her. She looks like a pixie Robert Smith (a la The Cure) but makes music that I can only describe as La Roux remixed by New Order. I think she's brilliant, and one of the few acts I've came across of late that I feel like most people in the indie community can look at and say "yeah, she's got something". Really talented.

A taste of The Good Natured:

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