Monday, February 21, 2011

Dark Dark Dark

One of my newer discoveries is the Minneapolis band Dark Dark Dark. They're a richly instrumented indie-folk, which seems to be described often as chamber-folk, but that's not a term I feel comfortable throwing around myself. They use a lot of piano and accordion and are very melodic.

They trade off vocal duties between male and female, but it's mostly Nona Marie Invie that does the singing, and she's certainly the one which makes them interesting to me. In that regard they remind me of early Rilo Kiley, whereas it feels like they're letting the guy sing the occasional song to be polite, but really Nona makes the band what it is.

If you sign up for their mailing list on their site you will get a free track from their latest album, which is lovely. In the meantime, check out this track from their previous one.

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Blogger madding said...

Much better than later Rilo Kiley, hopefully!

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

free album... pretty damn good

10:10 AM  

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