Friday, February 05, 2010

The Year of the Bell

A few years ago I wrote here that I noticed a band name trend involving using the word "Wolf" or wolves. I am starting to notice some new trends over the past few months, the biggest of which is the growing popularity of bells.

Over the last few months alone I have come across music by a myriad of bands that use the word bell or bells in their names. Now, obviously some of these bands may only be new to me, but the fact remains, all of the sudden they're making their presence known in the blogosphere where I had never noticed them before.

The Bells of the Blogs:

School of Seven Bells - "Connjur" (left click)
Bell Horses - "Still Life"
Broken Bells - "The High Road"
Chimes & Bells - "Into Pieces of Wood"
Sleigh Bells - "Infinity Guitars"
Howling Bells - "Into the Chaos"

And an honorable mention goes out to the element gold, whose popularity seems to be skyrocketing as well lately.
Examples: Golden Bloom, Gold Motel, Golden Filter and My Gold Mask.

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Blogger David said...

OK, so this is an aside that has nothing to do with your post. But, this seems like the place that might attract someone who knows:
Does anyone know whatever happened to Archie Moore (Velocity Girl, Heartworms, The Saturday People)?

3:57 PM  

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