Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Petra Haden's guilty pleasures

My love for indie rockers covering pop songs is no secret. I especially get a thrill out of women covering songs originally sung by men. So, how could I not be excited to see that Petra Haden has covered Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" for a compilation called "Guilt By Association" that includes many indie artists covering some of their favorite "guilty pleasure" songs.

I originally heard of Petra when she was a member of the 90's alt-rock band That Dog. She and her sister Rachel (both the daughters of jazz bassist, Charlie Haden), made up half of the band, Petra contributing violin. After That Dog disbanded, Petra went on to record with other bands, including The Rentals and The Decemberists, before setting off to do solo work.

Petra's cover of Journey doesn't surprise me, though, as she obviously has a love for 80's pop as much as I do since she did a remarkable cover of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" a while back. Definitely worth checking out (you can hear a streaming version on her website). Until then, listen to her covering Journey, as well as a beautiful cover of The Beach Boys "God Only Knows".

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